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About Me

Principal Software Engineer / Tech Lead

(IFS R&D – Mobile & Scheduling Services)

Over 16 years experience in IT Industry as a core developer/designer including 6+ years experience in Java/J2EE core developments/designing and 4+ years experience in Mobile Client development including Customer support.

Area of interest and Experience

  • JAVA EE5 / Java SE  - 8 years experience in J2EE middle-tier core implementation. Good knowledge on J2EE Specifications (EJB/EJB3, JAAS, JMS, JNDI, and Design Patterns)
  • Enterprise Java Mobile Apps – Java based Mobile app development using SWT/DB2e on Windows Mobile.
  • Windows Mobile Apps – Light weight Windows Mobile Apps (Windows CE/ .Net, MS SQL Server Compact) with Web Service/HTTP connection (Offline/Online).
  • Mobile WEB apps – Mobile web apps (HTML5 / JavaScript / JQuery / ASP.Net / SQL Light)
  • Mobile Apps – Sound knowledge Mobile Apps Development with Android/Windows Phone.
  • WEB Development – MS Silver-light, MS .ASP .NET, PHP / MySQL, DHTML (Dynamic Web content and Content Management TOOLS, e Business suits)
  • Oracle/PLSQL – Core development up to Oracle 11, benchmarking and administration experience.
  • Integration – Knowledge of IBM MQ, Web Services (WSDL/SOAP) and different native integration techniques.
  • Java native clients – Java/J2ME/Swing front end and JDBC , JSP
  • Application Servers – Jboss, Web Sphere , Web Logic , Sounds Knowledge of Oracle App Server.
  • N-Tier Application Framework : Design and Developed full framework based on C# , ASP.Net client/.NET Middle-tier/SQL Server/Web Service connectivity.
  • Robust and flexible build systems – Very good experience with Ant/XML/Custom Build tasks.
  • Net-beans Plug-in – Very good knowledge of developing and packaging Net beans Plug-ins
  • IDE – Eclipse/Net-beans/Visual Studio 2012
  • Troubleshooting knowledge : Oracle Stat pack, java J-Probe, JMS Monitoring
  • ADA – Middle-tier development.
  • PHP – Open Source – Joomla/WP/OC and REST services


  • SWT/DB2e.
  • Windows CE/ .Net, SQL Server Compact/Web Service/HTTP.
  • HTML5 / JavaScript / JQuery / ASP.Net / SQL Light
  • MS Silver-light, MS .ASP .NET, PHP / MySQL, DHTML
  • Oracle/PLSQL
  • IBM MQ, Web Services (WSDL/SOAP)
  • Java/J2ME/Swing / JDBC , JSP
  • Jboss, Web Sphere , Web Logic , Oracle App Server.
  • C# , ASP.Net client/.NET Middle-tier/SQL Server/WSDL/SOAP.
  • Ant/XML/Java Build
  • Netbeans Plug-in
  • Eclipse/Net-beans/VS
  • Oracle SPack, java J-Probe, JMS Monitoring
  • ADA
  • PHP / Java-script


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