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Gothenburg - Sweden

Gothenburg (Swedish: Göteborg, pronounced [jœtəˈbɔrj] ( listen)) is the second largest city in Sweden and the fifth largest in the Nordic countries. Situated by the Kattegat, on the west coast of Sweden, the city proper has a population of 540,132, with 549,839 in the urban area and 968,993 inhabitants in the metropolitan area.[1] Gothenburg is classified as a global city by GaWC, with a ranking of Gamma−.[3] The city was ranked as the 12th most inventive city in the world by Forbes, and third in Sweden after Malmö and Stockholm.[4]

Gothenburg was founded by royal charter in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus. At the mouth of the Göta älv, the Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic countries.[5]

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Inverness Scotland

Inverness (pronounced /ɪnvərˈnɛs/ About this sound listen (help·info); from the Scottish Gaelic: Inbhir Nis pronounced [iɲɪɾʲˈniʃ], meaning "Mouth of the River Ness") is a city in the Scottish Highlands. It is the administrative centre for the Highland council area,[2] and is regarded as the capital of the Highlands of Scotland.

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Isle of Skye

Skye or the Isle of Skye (/sk/Scottish GaelicAn t-Eilean Sgitheanach or Eilean a' Cheò) is the largest and most northerly large island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.[Note 1] The island's peninsulas radiate from a mountainous centre dominated by the Cuillins, the rocky slopes of which provide some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the country.[9][10] Although it has been suggested that the Gaelic Sgitheanach describes a winged shape there is no definitive agreement as to the name's origins.

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